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Job Skills Interview prep for lab tech position

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    Ok so I have my AA in General Studies, Science Emphasis and I applied for and have scheduled an interview for a job entitled Science Lab Tech out at my local community college where I graduated.

    I know the interview will be with a commity and I have been told that I won't be able to fake any chemistry questions posed to me. I am trying to study for it and think of interview questions that might be asked but am very rusty when it comes to chemistry and am having trouble thinking of questions they would ask.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Of course we can't know exactly what will be asked of you, but I'd be ready for questions such as these:

    You have 1 liter of 5 M solution of NaOH, and you need to make 2 liters of 0.5 M NaOH. How do you do that?

    What equipment have you worked with?

    You have a chemical that you have not worked with before. How do you find information about it, such as what safety equipment you need to wear?
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    Thanks :) I understand that you wouldn't know what exactly will be asked but it helps to have ideas. Probably should have posted a small exerpt of the duties summery to give a better idea too.

    This is a list from the job description of duties I will be required to perform.

    1. Set up and break down daily laboratory activities as requested. Ensure OSHA standards for lab safety are met and maintained. Responsible for proper function of equipment. Arrange for equipment repairs as needed.
    2. Responsible for maintaining laboratory cleanliness including disinfecting procedures and accurate inventory of laboratory supplies and assist in reordering as necessary. May be required to care for laboratory animals in biology labs – clean cages/ tanks, feed animals, monitor health.
    3. Communicate with lecture instructor to meet student needs. Handle sensitive information and confidential records and materials in compliance with state and federal regulations.
    4. Follow a written experimental procedure offered by the lecture instructor to plan and make up necessary reagents and solutions needed for the procedure prior to the start of the laboratory session.
    5. Responsible for maintaining up-to-date Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
    6. Organize and maintain science labs. Routine duties include washing glassware; wiping lab benches; putting materials away properly; proper microscope maintenance; and assisting students when needed.
    7. May supervise student workers.
    8. Adhere to college, federal and state administrative procedures, guidelines, initiatives and directives to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations affecting college operations, health and safety.
    9. Perform other tasks of a similar nature or level as assigned.

    I appreciate any and all help I recieve.
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    As a follow up to let everyone know: I didn't receive the position and the interview mainly focused on OSHA and other safety standards that I was unfamiliar with and couldn't have truly prepared for unless I had known that it was going to be incorporated as a larger chunk of importance of the interview than I thought it would be. Thank you lisab for your input and time in the attempt to help me better prepare. Hopefully my next application to the science field goes better than this one did.
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