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Insights Interview with Physics Mentor: Stevendaryl - Comments

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    I haven't had much jewish food, but after looking at images of latkes and rugelach my stomach is rumbling!
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    I enjoyed the "anything breaded and fried" comment! I live in the south too, and not coincidentally a decent amount of my research involves liver fat measurement. We call the condition "bojangleosis"
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    Really liked your history. Wow. A Wildcat!!! What years were you at Northwestern? Some of my classmates from college went there for graduate school. The campus and the nearness to Chicago are very nice.

    Groundhog day is also one of my favorites.
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    I have also read “The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra, when I was in my teens and because I for some reason was interested in taoism. I can't remember anything from it, in fact I remember more of taoism in general than physics from Capra... And it's not in my bookshelf anymore, it went to a charity second hand store when I optimized my book collection :biggrin:. I have to add that it is not the most embarassing book I have read in the folly of my youth... :blushing: ...that book won't be mentioned here...
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