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Introductions to Electrical Power Systems

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    Hello everyone,
    Could anyone recommend any good introductions to Electrical Power Systems and Power Engineering?

    I would be very interested to find out more about the history of why we choose the frequencies we use for power systems. For instance, why is it so important that frequency be kept constant across a power network?

    Thanks very much

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    Welcome to the PF, James. Look in the stickie post at the top of the forum about "Useful EE Links" -- there is a post by m.s.j about a power engineering resource.

    You might also PM m.s.j with your questions. He seems to have a good background in power engineering.


    And about the common frequency thing... Power is typically transmitted long distances over the power grid, and can come into a consumer area from multiple generating plants spread out in all directions. Without a common frequency, it would be very difficult and wasteful to try to combine those multiple power sources at the consumer location.
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    Thanks berkeman,

    I will look at those resources thanks very much!
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