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Introductory Pre-Calc or Calc textbooks

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    Hey all,

    What would you recommend for an introductory pre-calc or calc textbook? I am considering going back to school and instead of taking the Business Calc class I took 10 years ago, (which I passed with a C) attempting the more rigorous engineering series Calculus Courses. It's been a while, but I'm sure my math phobia is still lingering after college. This is a challenge I've thought about for a while now.

    Any recommendations or tips?

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    Back when I was a freshman/sophmore I thought I was never going to understand calculus. 9 years later, I feel that I have a decent understanding of the subject matter. I used Calculus by Stewart. I heavily recommend buying the solutions manual(s) (only as guide when you can't advance on problems). Just remember that calculus introduces a lot of new notation that seems very advanced. It's not, you just have to become familiar with the notation.

    Most importantly, you become proficient in math by practicing as many problems as possible. I believe that is the key to almost any math (for me anyway).
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    Thanks czelaya. I'll AMAZON it.

    Practice makes perfect...
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