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Introductory Solid States Physics book?

  1. Aug 1, 2012 #1
    Hi, I'm taking an introductory course on solid state physics next semester, and the book the Professor has chosen is the 8th edition of Kittel.

    I have heard MANY bad things about this book, so I'm wondering if I should just use an earlier edition or another book entirely.

    Any recommendations or thoughts about the earlier editions or other books for this purpose?

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    I liked the 3rd edition.
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    Yea I know about Ashcroft and Mermin, but I've heard it's more advanced than Kittel, not more basic. I might just get it anyways though since it will probably be useful to me in the future.

    Thanks, but was that the only edition you've really used or have you tried more than one?
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    When learning about bandgaps and semiconductors look for a book on Electronics and Semiconductors to get all the concepts, all the maths are in Kittel's book.
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