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Invention: but dont know if it works.

  1. Feb 17, 2007 #1
    hola, first of. im not mentally gifted enough to understand math involving letters so if you got a response to the following thread please make it in laymans terms.

    The invension?... more like an idea.

    would it be possible to make a double keel hull. (like a catamaran)
    that would be stable and not cause to much friction if mounted on an identical hull?

    the idea is such.
    build boat modules that have the exact same outer appearance and form but that can be modified inside. for instance.

    2 of the hulls deal with engines and ventilation and the other hulls can be storage hulls or ballrooms. u name it.

    in the event of for instance a crash where 1 hull is damaged beyond repair you could simply evacuate that module. disconnect it and let it sink.

    this is just an idea and i dont know if it has any other uses or if it is even doable.
    thats why i wrote it here.
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    I can think of absolutely no reason why it wouldn't work. Practicality, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. There could be a bit of overkill there. Check this out and see if it's along the line of what you're thinking.
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    There is certainly an advantage to removable engine pods, as the link shows, but a reconfigurable cruise ship? I'm not sure why one would do that, but as Danger said, there is no technical reason why it couldn't work.
  5. Feb 18, 2007 #4
    doesnt have to be a cruise ship.

    could be a tanker, a bulk transport or maybe a refridgerator ship.

    its all in the way you design the interior of the module.

    each module is seaworthy on its own but useless.
    if you put 6 together then its a diffrent matter. 1 hull for the engine and ventilation etc. and the other 5 for cargo transport for instance.

    put the engine in the back and lock the modules together. (like a train)
    and its ready.
    being as it is on the sea it would have to be locked solid. no friction during waves etc.
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