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Homework Help: Inverse differential operators

  1. Mar 2, 2006 #1
    I need someone to check some homework problems that i've done so far regarding inverse differential operators.

    1) 9y"-4y=sinx
    yp=-1/13 sinx

    2) y"-4y'-12y=x-6

    3) y'''+10y""+25y'=e^x

    4) y""+8y'=4
    yp=1/2 x

    5) y"-9y=54

    6) y"-y'-12y=e^(4x)
    yp=1/7 xe^(4x)

    7) y"+25y=6sinx
    yp=1/4 sinx

    sorry for not converting the equations into the latex form but i'm kinda of in a hurry. thanks
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    Substitute yp into each of your DE's and check that the lhs = the rhs.
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    Surely you can see that this can't be right!
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