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Ionized Air Flowing Through A Magnetic Field

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    So I'm going to try to explain this as best as I can.

    If you have ionized air created by the Ion Air Jet (link below) and it flows through a magnetic field, will the air accelerate?

    I'm trying to think if this would have rail-gun/air-gun hybrid attributes. Like as the walls of a device create an oppositely charged field to that of the ionized air, the air should accelerate out creating a faster stream of air than that when it went in. Like in a rail-gun, the magnetic field pushes the metal object out though the path with the least resistance.

    Can anyone lend some thoughts?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Yes - it will change direction due to unbalanced force vxB.
    ... yep - the effect is used in some particle accelerators - look up "cyclotron".
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