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Iron Contents of Soft Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages

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    Hi there.

    I'm doing a chemistry project at school in which I am investigating the Iron content of different soft drinks, the problem is, I only know of one that contains iron, or rather says that it contains iron and that is 'Irn-Bru'. I'm from Scotland in the UK, so does anyone know any soft drinks that are available to me with iron(III) in them? I'm using thiocyanate indicator and colorimetry to detect it.

    Also, what could the significance of the iron in the soft drink be, I dont really know much about Biology but my teacher says its important in our red-blood cells, and I could possibly even relate the subject to anaemia. Does anyone know of any liquid iron supplements that anaemics take, as opposed to pills etc. ?? Thankyou for any help you can provide.
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