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Is a line observable(in real life)?

  1. Nov 9, 2015 #1
    can a line (thickness only in 1 dimension ) be observed in real life ?
    since ,at micro level , even atoms have thickness,
    is it even possible to really construct a line or point or plane in reality?
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    I don't believe so.
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    If thickness is your only concern, sure, you can have a 0 thickness line or plane in real life. Consider the top surface of a box.

    But if uniformity/perfection is also a criteria, we're back to no.
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    All geometry is abstract, you'll never observe a perfect sphere, cube, line...
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    The problem here is your criteria of to "be observed". What does that mean? To observe with your eyes?

    We "observe" electron via how it interacts and affect others. So, does this qualify for electrons to be "observed in real life"? Does anyone question the validity of the existence of electrons?

    If we consider that we can observe electrons with such criteria, then we should also apply that same criteria in observing 1-dimensionality. In other words, what would happen IF there is such a thing as a 1-dimensional object, and how would something (particles) being confined in such a 1D space behave? Because if we know how they would behave, and we detect such behavior, would this not constitute an "observation in real life" of 1D confinement?

    So, quantum wires and Luttinger liquid behavior, anyone?

  7. Nov 10, 2015 #6
    thanx for help
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