Is College Algebra & Trig the same thing as Pre-Calculus?

  1. 1. I am in intermediate Algebra and would like to take one more course to get prepared for Calculus 1. I am currently at a commmunity college and they offer College Algebra & Trig as their Pre- Calculus. Is this this equivalient to Pre-Calculus? Will I be prepared for Calculus?

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    Not exactly. "PreCalculus" should contain "limit concepts" and other things that are specifically used in Calculus. However, there is a lot of overlap between "Pre-Calculus" and "College Algebra and Trig". If your college offers "College Algebra and Trig" as "their precalculus", they probably include the "calculus" topics.
  4. At my college, college algebra and trig are equivalent to pre-calculus, but as I took college algebra and then pre-calculus, I can tell you that pre-calculus is more in-depth, and it really helps you prepare for calculus. An overview on limits, derivatives and I believe integrals are included, mostly to familiarize you with the concepts.

    Think of pre-calculus as a review of both courses, but applied with foreknowledge of calculus. It really helps to anchor down your mathematical base. A lot of people in calculus don't screw up on the calculus parts of calculus, they screw up on the algebraic techniques.
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