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Is editing Host file in windows 7 is dangerous?

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    Is editing Host file in windows 7 is dangerous?
    i want to edit Host file, so that i can bypass blocked sites. :)
    but i am fear whether will my pc's OS get damaged or not? :(
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    If you don't know what you are doing you can disrupt networking ability, but its pretty easy to fix any mistakes. Changing website IPs etc is pretty easy. Is this a school lab computer? I would advise against anything other than with your personal computer.
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    A free proxy service, like StartPage, can enable some blocks to be avoided
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    No, will not damage your OS, but I would save my original HOSTS file if I were you. Also, be sure that your anti-virus is updated and active.
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    If you change any files such as the HOST file then be sure to back it up somewhere in case you need to revert back to it. It won't effect your OS though, and if you ever did anything that disastrous then you can always just roll back to a Windows restore point or back to factory settings if you have a recovery partition.
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    To bypass blocked sites, I use free proxy server http://fineproxy.org/eng/ [Broken] to hide my real location. It works for me fine and OS is not damaged.
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