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Is electronic devices a good course to take for CE?

  1. Jan 14, 2015 #1
    Hello. I was wondering if taking a class at college called "Electronic Devices" would be a good idea if I am planning to major in computer engineering. It is not a required course for me to take as far as I know. The description says that it covers "basic electronics laws and components" involving dc circuits. It will also include topics such as voltage, current, etc.
    The only reason I have not taken it yet is because it will be a once a week class and it will be almost 6 and a half hours long.
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    I can't imagine getting a degree in computer engineering with taking courses to learn how the hardware works. I'm surprised that it is even optional.
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    Thank you phinds for your reply! :)

    I just checked the classes that I need to take at my college before transferring to a University and "Electronic Devices" is not included. I believe that one is recommended for electrical engineering and not for computer engineering. I asked you guys for help because I do not know that much about the classes needed for the major. Of course I could make an appointment with a college counselor as well, but time is an issue right now. Besides, I am asking now because if I do this later, then maybe the class won't be available for more students who wish to register for it. I could also register the class now and drop it later if needed before the deadline.

    There is another class called "Circuit Analysis I" that I need to take, maybe that one will be the one similar to "Electronic Devices"? However, I cannot seem to find that class at all; I guess it won't be available this semester at my college.

    I guess my main question is: Will taking "Electronic Devices" cover material of that from computer engineering? I checked the syllabus for Electronic Devices and some of the topics are the following:
    Electricity (conductors, etc.)
    Basic Electrical Quantities (Voltage, Current, etc.)
    Ohm's Law
    Kirchhoff's Law
    Using meters
    RC Circuits
    and some others
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    I know it varies from school to school...but in my school electronics class usually refers to basic transistor analysis in DC&AC and operational amplifier designs. "Circuit analysis 1" for us is equivalent to your electronic devices. Seems flip flopped :P

    Either way, I'm very surprised the course you described (electronic devices) isn't mandatory for computer engineering. At my school computer engineer students have to go from basic RLC circuit analysis to bjt/mosfet analysis.

    From my perspective (EE major) I think you should take it, but it's hard to say without knowing the topics in your circuit analysis 1.
  6. Jan 16, 2015 #5
    Thank you. I checked the classes catalog again and I cannot find Circuit Analysis 1 (known as "Electric Circuit Analysis" at my college). I looked at previous years classes catalogs and it is not there either. Maybe my college won't offer it anymore, maybe it offers it every two years, maybe the course's name was changed, or perhaps something else happened. The "Electronic Devices" class is found under the "Electronics" section in the classes catalog. There is only one class under "Engineering", found in an older classes catalog, called "Statics."

    If it helps, there are 3 different electronic classes that must to be taken in order; they are: Electronic Devices, Electronic Circuits and Semiconductors, and Digital Logic Circuits. I forgot to mention that my college does not offer a Computer Engineering minor/major. However, I am planning to take some classes at my college, then take the rest of the classes needed at another college (if I am able to), and finally transfer to a University.

    What I want to know if it would be helpful for the major if I take that Electronic Devices class and the other two classes that follow it. I will try visiting a counselor but, no offense, they are not too helpful many times (IMO).

    Thank you everyone for helping.
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