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Is Gravity a quantum state like light is?

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    Is Gravity a quantum state like light is?

    I am sorry if I have not used the proper terms to ask my question.
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    It is not even known if gravity is a quantum phenomenon.
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    Development of a Quantum Gravity theory is still in progress. We simply don't know.
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    Your question is rather vague. If you are asking about quantum gravity, that theory is still in development, as has been mentioned. However, if you are asking if gravity can be incorporated into the standard QM equation, such as the gravitational potential inside the Schrodinger equation, then YES, this has been done already. The neutron drop experiment from waaaaay back in 2002 has shown this.


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    I am sorry for the vagueness of my question
    I had read in your frequently asked questions that light is a quantum state and that it is not particle wave as explained to laymen. It is explained as particle wave so that people can visualize it, but it was a relief to find that it was a quantum state and therefore easier to understand.
    Which led to my question.

    quantum gravity boogles my mind

    Thank you
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