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Is it a bad idea to take 19 units in 16 weeks, or delay O-Chem to next term?

  1. Jun 10, 2015 #1
    In order to transfer on time from community college and prepare for the MCAT I have to really scrunch my classes. I was planning on taking Calc 3, Liner Algebra, O Chem 1, and Physics 1 (mechanics) at a whopping total of 19 units in 16 weeks. Is this doable? I would not be working and all of my attention would be on school. Or would you suggest that I take ochem at a UC? Thanks everyone!
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    This seems pretty intense. Physics 1 would use Calc 1 and 2 concepts so if you did well in those courses then your learning curve will be manageable.

    Calc 3 gets into multi-variable topics like surface and volume integrals as well as vector topics which I should think will be somewhat intense. Linear algebra has some new concepts which you may not have seen before and so could be equally intense. Taking Chem would probably be pushing your luck a lot unless you have a really strong academic drive and don't plan to socialize at all.

    If you have friends who've taken these courses, I'd suggest talking to them about your plans or even your academic advisor.

    To get an idea of the course content for Calc 3 and Linear Algebra take a look at the site:


    There are a collection of videos on the topics covered in each of these courses and see if they look familiar at all. From that you can gauge how tough it will be.

    Other mentors should chime in here shortly.
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    Why are you taking the MCAT so early? It sounds like you are just now finishing your 2nd year of university, right?

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    O chem will be a lot easier at community college I would suggest doing it now if you can.

    Linear algebra and calc 3 compliment each other well and are not that heavy on the work. Physics and O chem are both high workload classes though and will eat up a lot of your free time.

    If you need to do it to graduate on time then do it. You know it will be a tough schedule but its perfectly doable. I have friends who did heavier schedules(or similar) at community college now at berkley and ucla and they feel the work at those schools even with less classes is much more intense. So it will be good practice for what is to come.
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    If you think taking 19 hours in a semester at CC is a lot, wait till you get to big college. 19 semester hours for an engineering curriculum is not unusual.
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