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Is it a good idea to take Pre-Calculus In Summer School?

  1. Apr 11, 2012 #1
    Hey everyone!
    Sorry I haven't been online for a while, I had to catch up in my Literature course. Anyway, I took Precalculus twice here in college and didn't pass. The first time I took it was in Spring 2011, and I didn't pass because I blame my instructor for it, and I know it's a clichéd answer, but it's true. He only gave us two homework assingments throughout the semester, and he didn't even recommend us to get a textbook for his class, which made it impossible to study. Plus, he taught the course in a way as if we already knew everything about the material that he was about to teach us, such as Introductory Linear Algebra and basic Vector Anaysis. What the heck!??
    The second time I took it, I had an istructor who was very gentle on her students, and she explained the material very thoroughly, but I blame myself for failing because I was stubborn and lazy because the course was simply boring for me after I already took it and failed it. I understood the material thoroughly, but again, I was being stubborn.
    So I wanted to ask: is it a good idea for me to take Precalculus over the summer? I believe I can handle the four-week course, but both my school and Special-Ed. counselors think I shouldn't because of the fact that I'm taking Special Education, even though I told them repeatedly that I only have trouble with reading and sometimes writing, and not with quantitative reasoning.
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    Yes I think you should take it. It's one thing to believe you understand the material; it's quite another to prove it by taking and passing the class with a good grade.
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