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Is it advisable to take 3rd Bachelors program: BS Mathematics aft double major?

  1. Aug 29, 2011 #1
    Chemists/Physicists: Is it advisable to take 3rd Bachelors program: BS Mathematics after first Double Major?

    Well, my reason is that I ended up hating biotechnology (biochem in particular) and I'd like to see myself doing quantum chemistry (I'm a 5th year student of a Bachelor's program in Biotech and Chemistry). Can I take a mathematics degree while working? Im not quite familiar with the work of Chemists field/lab because i've not yet enrolled my On the job training course, so my question is: can you squeeze working while studying math?

    I'm really quite confused because I finally found the field that I see myself in, however I know that I lack the knowledge in math to proceed to higher quantum chemistry.

    As a fifth year student, I cannot take electives or minors in mathematics.
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    You do realize that if you take another math major, then you will have to stay in school for quite some extra time. No?

    I don't think you need all that much math to succeed in quantum mechanics (on an undergrad level). You need calculus, linear algebra, and some DE's. These are topics that you can self-study...
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    While it is completely good to have a strong basis in differential equations, and linear algebra most of the calculations you do will be computational. Chemistry is about reactions so there will be statistical mechanics and simulations since it's pretty absurd to calculate the perturbations of 6 different wave functions on a hydrogen atom using analytic methods.
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