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B Is it feasible to add temperatures?

  1. Mar 12, 2016 #1
    Can we add temperatures of two different bodies and create more temperature?
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    No, temperature does not add, The hotter object would get cooler and the cooler object would get hotter.
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    Strictly speaking one cannot "create temperature" anyway. Temperature is a measure of the heat in a body. You can "create heat" or add heat to any object. However, "Newton's law of cooling" says that if two objects, of different temperatures are placed together, heat will flow from the hatter to the cooler body until they have the same temperature.
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    If by the 'heat in a body' you are referring to energy (it sounds like it since you refer to adding heat) then temperature is not a measure of 'heat'
    A white hot spark contains less 'heat' than a cup of hot water. Temperature and energy are different things.
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