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Medical Is it impossible for one to change his habits

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    i am not asking for a diagnosis or anything , but it it impossible for one to change his bad simple habbits .
    for example if someone is used in eating like a savage and he does not chew his food , can this person become normal ? and if someone is not organised at all , can this person become an organised human being ?
    or is the brain permanently set to be like that ?
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    This is not a medical question. But the answer is essentially yes, people retain the capacity to change their behaviour at any point in their life.
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    i classified this as a medical question because i though it has something to do with the brain and addiction .
    sorry . though how can one change his habbits ? may i ask ?
    can you guide me to some books or online articles ?
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    People quit smoking and/or drinking all the time, plus those that quit drugs, so sure, obviously people can change destructive behavior. I think the "how" varies considerably from person to person but the fundamental thing is that there has to be a DESIRE to make the change.
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    As I said in your other thread and in our private conversation, you should go back to the doctor you saw before, and talk to him about this aspect of your issues.

    Also, the Mentors have been discussing this, and have the following two suggestions:

    Please read through those helpful resources, and then have a talk with your doctor. Thread is closed for now.
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    No, the human brain is adaptable to prevailing circumstances, other animals adapt to circumstances as well.
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    What's normal? And when?
    If at home someone licks their plate after a meal, slurps their soup, picks their nose, walks around in their underwear, ... , does it mean they will do these things in public, say at a restaurant, for others to view. Most times not.
    As a simple matter of etiquette, and manners, which as behaviors can be learned, just as much as another language can be learned, people do certain things and they don't do certain things. Sometimes it is when others are looking and sometimes when others are not looking.
    Just being conscious and aware, or at least trying to be, of the little habits one does pick up in life, is one of the first steps in progress to changing a particular behavior and habit, or eliminating it altogether.
    Another step is being willing to do the change. It is possible to try and do on one's own, but like a lot of people, some help and support along the way from others, including from professionals, goes a long way to set and accomplish a goal.
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