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Is it possible to shift between parallel universes?

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    I am new here and I have a question. Is it possible to shift between Everett's parallel universes in the form of your consciousness?
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    The quick answer to this question is "no".

    A slightly longer answer: The popular press talks about Everett's idea as if he was thinking about real physical parallel universes that we live in the way that we live in houses - don't like the one you're in, find a way of moving to a different one. That's not what it is at all, but it's easier to say what it's not then what it is - there are some threads in the Quantum Physics subforum that try to give a sensible explanation.
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    That's most often referred to on this forum as the Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI). MWI is only a way of interpreting QM wave functions. If there was a way of differentiating it between other interpretations (wave function collapse or simply allowing the wave functions to never arbitrarily collapse), then it wouldn't be an interpretation. It would be a theory that can be tested based on the different predictions it makes.

    That said, MWI will not create any additional opportunities - such as switching to a parallel universe.
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    Well. For one, we don't know that the many-worlds interpretation is true. (Though, I've got a fun idea to try at some point.)

    For two, I'm pretty sure the guys promoting universe hopping are scammers.

    For three, what do you think consciousness is, that it could jump from one universe to another? If another parallel universe existed, wouldn't you already be there?
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    I thought the gist of the many-worlds hypothesis (that's where the idea of parallel universes comes from, right?) was that you exist in some convolution, sum, average, or whatever, of all of them at once, so you can't selectively decide which one you want to be in because that would violate uncertainty.
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    The OP specified Everett's parallel universes. It's MWI with clean separation among every world. It is an alternative interpretation to "collapse". ... So you're thinking of the wrong MWI.
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    And with this answer, thread closed.
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