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B Is it possible to work out when the object stopped accelerating?

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    If giving the average speed weight and distance traveled is it possible to work out when the object stopped accelerating
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    No. There’s insufficient data. This reads like an attempt to analyse a traffic incident. There’s virtually no chance that you can apply Physics post hoc here. Skid marks and vehicle damage are seldom good enough evidence in court.
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    No not traffic related but thanks for your input
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    Fair enough. I assume you must know more about the situation than you are telling us, right? Perhaps with the help of some of that information, the question can be answered....
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    If you are imagining an object that has accelerated up to a certain speed, then travelled at that (constant) speed to a certain location, then no, the information given would not be enough. However, if you also knew he rate of acceleration, then it should be possible.
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