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Is it worth going to lectures and tutorials in engineering?

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    Engineering student here. Last semester I didn't go to most lectures or tutorials because they were too slow and too boring. However, I see a lot of people say that going to lectures/tutorials is very important. Should I go to them this semester? I averaged an A- last semester (with one A+) taking a full course load, to classes/tutorials I skipped. Ironically, the one class I went to (lectures and tutorials) got me a B.
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    Students are generally expected to attend class, particularly to discuss homework. Class participation is important.

    It is also a matter of discipline. And, one might be looking for recommendations some day.
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    Well, I can't say I recommend that. But if it works for you then that's what matters.

    Personally, I would just suck it up and go to keep up appearances with your professors. It's only 45 minutes, and you're paying for it, it works out to something like $50-$100 an hour if you ever do the math. Even though attendance might not be graded in the syllabus, it's going to matter if you ever need those professors on your good side: if you want recommendations, or if you want an 89 B+ bumped up to a 90 A-, or if you ever need help on something (sooner or later, there will be something you can't do on your own, and the first thing they will ask is if you have class notes or remember the lecture).

    Plus, you might find that some of your professors actually host rather enjoyable lectures.
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    It's a "two-way street." Students don't show up, why should faculty bother to make an effort? You're there to learn --- some of them are there to teach --- give them a chance.
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    Always go to the lectures. I know boring,boring, boring BUT YOU ARE GOING TO SCHOOL, remember? To learn presumably, remember? You also happen to be paying for it so why not get your moneys worth? If on the other hand, you can challenge the class in question and still get the credits for it. then go for it. Highly dangerous move by the way.

    I think Jack476 is spot on.

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