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Is light what we think of as dark matter?

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    Since light has gravity, and there is an abundance of it in any given space (this is easily observable by being at any one spot in space with objects around you), would it be possible to explain what 'dark matter' seems to be?
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    no, we can see light(radio, ir, visual, etc) and so we can account for its energy contribution as well. dark matter is something else thats contributing to gravity but outside of the gravitational effect that dark matter has on the large scale, we have no physical evidence that this stuff is even there (afaik)
    some people think its a weakly interacting particle with a large mass
    other people think its gravity leaking in from another universe that is parallel to us separated from us by some distance in a higher dimension
    there's many more ideas all plausible still but sadly no evidence :(

    i'd give these sites a quick read
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