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Homework Help: Is my solution for this gcd correct?

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    For the first part of this question:


    So if everything was done correctly is -55/16 my answer?
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    -55/16 is a unit, so that is the same as saying they're co-prime
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    Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't get where the -55/16 comes from. f(x) has no zeroes in the rationals, hence no factors with rational coefficients.

    I'm not sure what F5 means, but if it represents the integers modulo 5, both f and g have a common zero, hence a common factor.
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    I had my solution steps up last night but I took it down after office_shredder made the point that it means they are coprime.
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    I'm still interested in where the -55/16 came from.
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    Last remainder of Euclidean division
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