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Higher Dimension and Randomness

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    I often here claims that higher dimensions such as the 5th and 6th dimensions deal with different possible realities, be it branching off or from different start conditions.

    I find this confusing and would like to have it cleared up how it is possible for different so called realities to occur from the same conditions

    For example, a computer cannot create truly random numbers because it requires conditional input that undergoes cause and effect

    Likewise, can the universe actually undergo different possibilities from the same cause and or state?

    My understand of quantum mechanics is elementary so I am likely overlooking something or confusing the whole notion of higher dimensions

    I hope my question is clear enough, although I feel I have only managed to confused myself further, thank you
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    Higher dimensions and "different so-called realities" have nothing to do with the inherent randomness of quantum mechanics. However, randomness is inherent to quantum mechanics; an essential property of the theory is that two systems may be prepared in exactly the same state, yet the same measurement on the two systems may yield different results.
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