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Is refractive index on each side of the parallelepiped the same?

  1. Nov 6, 2014 #1
    Refractive index on each side of a rectangular cube parallelepiped: n1, n2, n3
    Is this correct: n1=n2=n3?

    http://image.bayimg.com/01c243801d8868097dbe98fb599b0d6aa9fb2e7d.jpg [Broken]
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    If n2 is the index of the rectangular object, then no.
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    Afair, the refractive index refers to a substance and not a surface. The picture appears to be of an isotropic object in air so all that's involved is the index of air (= nearly 1) and the index of the object material.
    Is there some other definition that I don't know about or could you rephrase the question so that it makes sense to me please?
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    Any birefringence plate has tree side. we ha a birefringence plate with tree different side in size. The question is this: Is index of refraction of this birefringence plate related to the distance which light travels through it?! In other words, each side of this plate have a different refractive index or not?
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