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Is Structural Integrity Inc the best nuclear plant services?

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    Is Structural Integrity Inc the best nuclear plant services company ?

    Which companies are the best rank NPP services company?

    Thank you!
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    One has to define what means by NPP services. There are operations and maintenance services, and there are architect and engineering services, just to name a few. And engineering services span a broad range of disciplines from nuclear, mechanical and electrical to environmental and IT.

    SI also work in fossil energy and combined cycle systems and oil and gas pipeline systems.


    and they seem to be growing - http://www.structint.com/images/stories/SI_Press_release_-_Finetech_acquisition_final.pdf [Broken]

    Finetech was somewhat of a competitor in certain areas.
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    Thank you very much. How can I to be a I&C expert of NPP ?
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    One would normally obtain a degree in electrical engineering with some course work in nuclear engineering. NPPs use much the same type of I&C systems as power plants, but they also have specialized systems to monitor the reactor states, which includes neutron detectors and thermocouples. The control system also involves accelerometers or seismic detectors and the reactor will shutdown if the ground motion/acceleration is too strong.


    Classification Approach for Digital I&C Systems at U.S. Nuclear Power Plants (ORNL, Letter Report)

    IEEE sets various standards for NPP I&C in the US, and there are several relevant regulatory guides issued by the US NRC.

    http://publicaa.ansi.org/sites/apdl/NESCCDocs/NESCC%2010-017%20-%20NRC%20Prsentation%20on%20Current%20and%20Future%20Use%20of%20IEEE%20adn%20IEC%20Standards%20for%20DIC%20Systems.pdf [Broken]of
    Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems in the Nuclear Power Industry

    Standard Review Plan for the Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants: LWR Edition — Instrumentation and Controls (NUREG-0800, Chapter 7)
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    Before Jim adds anything I add... I&C of nuclear power plant is usually very broadly divided into nuclear instrumentation, process Instrumentation, computers and PLCs, reactor protection and fuel handling.. To be an expert you need to spend few years in a NPP and also in different groups if you are fortunate enough. After learning basics of instrumentation you need to acquire Operational knowledge of plant, so you may need a friend who is a plant operator! To be an expert you then need to have basic theory and knowledge of mechanical, electrical equipments. You also need to have concepts of chemistry. By that time you may already reached some managerial position.
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    Thank you, Jim and Muti.

    I have found a new job. The job is about license renew of NPP. How can I to be a expert of NPP license renew ?
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