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Is Texas A&M good for undergrad physics?

  1. Feb 27, 2013 #1

    I am from India. I've got admitted to Texas A&M. AFAIK Texas A&M is very reputed for engineering. But I would like (love) to major in Physics. Since my parents are investing a huge amount of money, I want to reinforce my choice of college .So, it would be a great help if anyone could guide me with the following:

    1. Is Texas A&M reputed for Physics ?
    2. Will the college environment be friendly and easy-going for international students like me?
    3. Is there any chance that I'll get some kind of aid or scholarship ? [ SAT: 2050 (Math:800 CR:630 Writing:620) / SAT Subjects : Math:770 Physics:770 ]
    4. Will I get any placement in a research institute in US after my bachelors in Physics?

    Thank You in advance.
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    1. Any big research university is going to give you a good undergraduate physics education. So Texas A & M should be just fine.
    2. No idea.
    3. Look at their financial aid center, often there are merit scholarships for local students but I dunno about internationals.
    4. This one I can definitely answer: Probably not! Very few bachelors are hired into research positions, you really need a PhD for that. But even if you get a PhD, getting a job in physics is pretty hard anyhow. Even if you went to Caltech for your undergrad it would still be pretty challenging; there's no formula for a job in physics.
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