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Is there a cell phone with a call recorder?

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    This is a bit unrelated, but I think this should go in this section here. You are all pretty savvy on this forum, so I'm wondering if you all know of any cell phones which allow you to record entire conversations?
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    Isnt that illegal if you dont tell the person you are recording the conversation?

    Thats why 1800 numbers say, "This call might be recorded"
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    Right. Do you know of any phones that do this?
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    You two are smart guys, but with all due respect I want to try not to turn this into a thread about laws. Please.
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    Well, if its illegal in any state, do you think a cell phone company would put out a product with this feature? -not likely.


    Its not a cell phone, but it will work with one.
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    who says there isn't a legit use for a feature like this
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    It can be considered wire tapping in some states.
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    My old cell had that feature, I used it quite a bit. It was a sony ericsson 750i

    EDIT: So does my new phone. It's the LG enV. I'm also assuming that other new LG phones have this same feature.
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    Sony Ericson K700i
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    but thats what im saying, what if you were a journalist and you did phone interviews on your cell phone, obviously if you let the person know you're recording them its not wiretapping.
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    I have the Sony Ericsson as well. You can actually record conversations, save them, send them to somebody else or even to your computer...
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    Thank you guys for remembering to keep it legal.
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    I bought this phone in France actually. I am not sure what the laws there say about this. I think for personal use, you can record almost anything you want. Only for public display, or professional use generally speaking, you need agreement.

    Quite frankly, this phone is a great phone, I was totally unaware of this specific feature when I bought it, I never used it, but I can imagine situations where it is quite useful to save and forward real information.
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    Not many Mobile providers make handsets, so your point is kinda moot. In fact providers in Europe arent allowed to due to strict telecoms competition rules we have here. Although you were talking about the USA, non of your big providers are (any more--- think Lucent) making phones, or any telecoms hardware worth talking about. But Im not an expert in USA Telecoms, Evo probably knows more..
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    I had a phone that did this. I used it in customer support and other things. It was a sony ericsson z520a if I'm not mistaken.
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