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Is there a chemistry book that you would recommend

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    I am currently taking AP Chemistry in high school but I need help. The textbook we are using is the 8th edition of Chemistry by Thomson. however I find that it doesn't explain the math portions very good and is more about memorizing. I also have the Princeton review book on chemistry. Our teacher is also about memorizing. is this how chemistry is supposed to be? memorizing only? is there a chemistry book that you would recommend? thanks for your time.
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    I am very sorry to tell you, but the curricula of most AP Chemistry classes involves a lot of memorization. It is not as bad as, say, biology, but it is a lot less nice than physics.

    However, if you sincerely like chemistry and know calculus, you may find that many of the formulas you use can be reasoned through using mathematics. That is, if you are very comfortable with differentiation and integration, I would strongly recommend General Chemistry by Linus Pauling, a Nobel Laurette. In it, very little is taken for granted. It may give you that deep understanding of chemistry you crave; however, it may not be too helpful for the AP examination.

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