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Homework Help: Is there a formula I can apply in this case?

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    ok, I'v never been on a physics site before but thought I'd look for one for help on this question... also forgive me but I probably won't be using proper physics terms... object A at a constant mass & speed is struck by object B which has a mass 5x that of object A and a speed 2x that of A. the result I can measure, my question is something like this, on paper how can I calculate what increase in speed of B will be required to overcome a decreese in mass of B? now applied to the real world... 70mph fast ball (5oz) 28oz bat swung at 140mph (end of bat) how much faster do you need the bat to travel with a 24oz bat to achieve the same result assuming all other variables remain the same. thanks Abe
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    A good place to find out a little more about formulating your question would be Robert Adair's Physics of Baseball. Large libraries should have it.
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