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Is there any screen of cellphone equipped with DLC coating?

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    It's kind of strange to me that when reading topics like "components of cellphone screen", people often mention an outermost anti-reflecting coating which takes advantage of destructive interference.

    There're few mentions for using DLC-coating as a cellphone screen outermost coating but there're indeed many researchers using DLC-coatings which are highly transparent, anti-reflective and anti-scratch for other scenarios, e.g. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/262990647_Fabrication_of_Highly_Transparent_Diamond-like_Carbon_Anti-Reflecting_Coating_for_Si_Solar_Cell_Application [Broken]. However the properties just mentioned seem perfect to be used for cellphone screens and I haven't yet found prominent usage of DLC-coating for cellphones especially for the touch-screens.

    Is DLC-coating popular in display industry? If not what makes it not popular given all those good properties?
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    I searched it in google and it seems it is being used in the "space black stainless steel Apple Watch" coating. I couldn't find a single clue DLC being used in a smartphone. There wasn't a single post about it in Phonearena, so I can say it is certain that they aren't being used.

    Although I have little knowledge about DLC, I think the reason might be it's price or availability. Smartphone screen industry is growing fast, and new technologies pop up, and they are getting cheaper and thougher at the same time. Do you know about the sapphire glass? Although it is tougher than the Gorilla Glass, Apple diddn't use sapphire glass on iPhone 6, because there weren't enough of them available, and they would need to ship some iPhones without sapphire glass in some countries.

    It's a little bit old, but you might want to look at this: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Futu...ctive-antimicrobial-made-with-Corning_id44786

    Note: While writing this, my browser shut down without saving what I wrote. :H
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