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Is there really ?

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    Is there really a website that will let you get a FREE .com name? not free with hosing or $3.00 a month, I mean like, FREE.

    I've found some, but I think they sell your info
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    There is always a catch with "free" anything. No one is in business to lose money. Not for long at least. :tongue2:
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    Maybe if they put advertisements all over your website without giving you the revenue
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    Yes, there are advertisement supported Domains, and a lot of ad-supported sub domains you can get, but they usually have lousy bandwidth and limited... whatever you call it, how much data you can upload.

    You could get some billionaire (or even someone less wealthy) to support your site, or take donations if you're doing something constructive with it.
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    we're taking donations, but we only have like 18 members, most of whom don't even know the site exists. so danations=0.
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