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Is there Something to RFID blockers?

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    Hi all,
    After having had my credit card hacked for the 5th time in a few years, I am looking for ways of protecting my information. My best guess is that some have used some devices to read my card number from my wallet. I have seen some ads for RFID blockers, but I dont have the background to examine these claims. Is there any hard science behind these blockers ? Are there other ways of protecting my credit card information?
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    Here in Europe, you can buy little cardboard RFID-blocking "envelopes" that your cards slide into. I was sceptical, at first so I bought a few and tested them out with a few of my bank cards. I was surprised to find them 100% effective. They're hardly any bigger then the cards themselves which means I leave them in my wallet and simply slide the cards in and out. No need for a new wallet!
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    Cards are mostly skimmed from use in ATM machines in suspect neighbourhoods, well that's my experience in my country anyway.
    Are you sure your cards are RFID and not just chip and pin, there is a difference, or so I'm lead to beleive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contactless_payment

    Try contacting your bank, you may be able to disable the "contactless payment" feature on your card and remove the data from the rfid chip completely.
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