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Is this a possible idea for an antimatter rocket engine?

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    Antimatter can be contained in magnetic fields; what if we could somehow "propel" that magnetic field by using a magnetic nozzle when the small antimatter-matter reactions/annihilation occurs which produces thrust? This seems like a really stupid idea, but can you tell me some limitations about this idea like whether or not it violates some laws of physics or if this reactions are too much to handle or if we can't "stabilize/hold" antimatter in a magnetic field. etc.? Thank you.

    EDIT: This was a super stupid question, I should've just gone onto Wikipedia, my dumb question was answered!
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    Thank you!
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    Not a dumb question -- you just thought of something that works (theoretically, in this case), but someone else already thought of. That's going to happen a lot to you, but at least it means you are thinking correctly/in the right direction. It's a lot better than thinking something that doesn't work!
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