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Is this correct? Newton's second law related.

  1. Feb 17, 2013 #1
    On an object with a mass of 3 kg a single force F acts perpendicular to the speed of the object.The object moves in a circle with a radius of 2 meters and the period is 3 seconds.a) Find the acceleration. I have the formula T=2*pi*r/v ,I find v here and then in the formula a=v^2/2 I replace v.
    b) Find the module of the force F.
    I think that it is F=m*v^2/r - mg and I have all the data to find F.
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    what is exaclty incorrect ? :)

    oh is it 0?the force?
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    If the object is rotated at the end of a rope in a circular path, then the force acting on it is the tension of the rope. For example if a car is driving circular track then the force is friction.
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    so now I have T*cosx=mg ..and I find T :) Thanks :D
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    Nope. Then it wouldn't be in circular motion at all.
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    Am I missing something here? What is module of a force? The force is simply F=m*v^2/r
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