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Calculators Is this Graphing Calculator good?

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    It looks like it is pretty good. It looks like it has many of the features of the TI-89
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    it looks great !
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    It IS very expensive! Consider what calculations you will perform with it. If the most advanced types of calculations are elementary transcendental functions (exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric and hyperbolic), this can be done by any regular scientific calculator. You can also perform common statistical calculation on two-variable samples. If you need a ploting tool, you should start learning some specialized program, like matlab or mathematica.
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    I use it and wouldn't switch to anything else. It has a nice little geek factor to it as well.
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    real geeks use pencil and paper.
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    I agree with d. But if you buy it, goodness, please use it and only that! I mean, it also depends what you are using it for. But if you are looking for the best, go for the Palm TX, well....actually go for the HP 48GX, THE best, especially in high school and college. You can do most everything on it.
    Let's see, graphing calculators? TI-89 is the best here because getting anything fancier is a waste of money. I would explain, but I have better things to do. Look, go to this website
    They agree with me. Good luck finding a calculator.

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