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Java or C++ for Robot programmeng?

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    Hi everyone!

    I am a mobile robot designer in autonomous space robotics. there is a great dilemma in front of me to opt a programming language for the robots between C++ and Java.
    the most important factor for me is performance of the language when i want to use it for applying very complicated navigation algorithms and very sophisticated localization strategies, for example.
    I have experience in working both of them. I got Java more interesting but because of the special compiling process which it has, I feel that it could be run on the PC slower than C++!
    I've tried to investigate about them collected the opinions of the other and find somethings but they couldn't help me deciding.
    for example:

    many of the programmers think that java is faster and have better performance whereas I found it slower...!!! of course, there is a very important thing. I finally want to program my on a ARM microprocessor or a DSP and I'm not sure that java is slow on them too or not!!!

    but the others think that C++ is more powerful than all languages such as java and its operation is better than Java noticeably. furthermore, descendent of the C++ in design of different robotic packages is undeniable.

    All in all, what is your opinion??? which one could be the best choice for me???

    Thank you!
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    Hi matinking,

    I have some experience in quad-copter algorithms and a bit of experience in localization.
    I use C/C++ for the quad-copter I am developing and it is for some specific reasons.
    Java is a easy programming language. Yes it has many features and can be very powerful.
    Although if you want to make Java fast you need to be a Pro in Java knowing all its features.
    I experienced that Java is slow in the simplest calculations and tasks.

    Like I said I use C for my quad-copter because it is faster in the tasks it needs to perform.
    Like writing files, writing registers and reading buffers.
    I use C++ for some visualisation and logging it has to do.
    Furthermore it supports pointers which is the big thing in Embedded Systems.

    I hope I helped you making a decision.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
    btw. my quadcopter is running on a ARM-cortex A8.

    Good luck,
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    Look at the date on his post. I hope he's not still trying to make up his mind after more than three years. :biggrin:
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