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Jets speeding up earths rotaion

  1. Nov 18, 2007 #1
    I dont know where to put this. But I was thinking about the force of a jet landing (actually stopping using the brakes) Is it possible that if all jets landed the same direction could it slow down or speed up the earths rotation after time?

    Because a jet using thrust to take off I dont think there would be as much effect on force or friction on the tires as would stopping.. I always think of stupid stuff like this
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    As long as the jets don't leave the atmosphere, the whole Earth and all jets on it can be considered a closed system. There's no need to look at the details to prove it.
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    Although it's true that the tires would not experience as much friction during takeoff as during landing, the thrust of the jet engines against the atmosphere is much greater during takeoff. So the jets takeoff with little friction against the ground and much great friction against the air, and land with little friction against the air and great friction against the ground. Net result; zero.
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    I would have to agree. The only way it would have any effect would be to leave the atmosphere.

    In that case, it is like throwing your shoe when lying on a frictionless surface.
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