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Job search: Two critical questions

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    Hey everyone,

    In short, I am trying to apply for as many jobs as I can. But I have two questions to make sure I am doing everything properly, from the ethical to technical dimensions. Please excuse my limited experience and naivety in some aspects;

    - I am applying for many places at the same time. If more than one said yes, and I prefer one of them; What is the best way to respond without burning bridges with the other yes-jobs? Some of these job places are related to the other ones in some close relationships (e.g. two offices of the same groups in two different areas ..etc)

    ( & Should I let them know where I got accepted or let them find out?)

    The second is a follow up in some sense;
    - If I am just interested in any of them to give me a yes, as they all meet my minimum standards for an acceptable work environment; Is it still better to send many communications at the same time. Or to send to a few, then wait couple of days /weeks then to send another wave, in order to avoid a potential yes-jamming demands.

    I want to do this while feeling I am being professional, and especially to be ethically correct.

    Thanks in advance,
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    There's nothing wrong with applying to more than one position at a time. Just be sure that you're taking the time to research the ones you apply for, to make sure you're honestly considering each of them. In this respect I would avoid the "shotgun" approach to job hunting - unless of course you're in a postion where you need something urgently.

    Once you have accepted one job, it's polite to withdraw your application from all the others you have applied to, telling them that you have found what you believe to be the best fit for you at the time, but that you appreciate their consideration.
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