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Jobs in astrophysics & aerospace engineering

  1. Jul 28, 2014 #1
    How difficult is it to get a job in after recieving the degrees, is it essential for me to get the highest educational degree in these specified degrees or is it pretty much all about luck later on? For example, what chances are there that I will work with astrophysics/aerospace engineering if I get the degree instead of e.g electrical engineering?

    Also can anyone give the approximate career growth of these careers? (e.g it's growing fast/slowly)
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    Does it matter where you get your degree, or is it the same everywhere? I'm currently in Sweden, would that prevent my degree from applying outside of Sweden e.g usa?
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    Many aerospace jobs in the US will require you to be a US citizen.
    That being said the degree will most likely be viewed the same as long as your university is accredited.
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