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John A. Rice book (Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis)

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    I am using this book for a mathematical statistics class I am in. I have an account with cramster to check answers since they have solutions to nearly the entire text, but they are HORRIBLE. Half of the time they are dead wrong and they always lack decent explanation which is pretty key in figuring out how to approach a problem. Does anyone know of a solutions manual to this book? I saw one on a website but said they were out of stock and then there lots of downloads for it when i googled, all of which I am too scared to download for fear of a virus. The book is Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis 3rd Ed. by John Rice.
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    Not exactly what you want, but since that appears to be a standard intro text, there are several other books that will be almost identical to it. Maybe find one of those that has a solutions manual. I don't have the name of my old text, but it had a nice manual that came with it, I can check for it in the office later this week if you need a name, but there should be several out there.
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    That would be extremely appreciated. Anything to help me get some practice and a good way to check myself.
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    Ok here is a link to amazon. The newest edition is pricey, but since you aren't using this as a primary text I'd just get one of the $5 used ones. I want to say that it came as a book+solutions wrapped up package (back in edition 5), but you should probably verify that first before ordering.


    Another option is of course a schuam's outline, which are usually pretty decent. I used to find it worthwhile to pick up one anytime it was available for a class.
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