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Just from personal study, is this possible?

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    I had been wondering for a long time now if a certain situation was possible. Back when I was in high school I thought about somthing for a long time before I asked my physics teacher. He replied, "Good idea except general relativity makes this not possible." For some reason though it seemed like it made sense. Supposely I hear that science has learned they can alter the speed of light. Well if so, then what I thought is possible right? Here it is in simple terms.
    "Instead of time traveling, can you time perceptional travel at a higher velocity of perception? I f that makes sense. For example, if looking into space is the past, can we speed up that perception by heading towards it in a high velocity, hence speeding the perception of the time passing us by site, oppose to actual time travel. If so, would we see a steady recesion of the perceived time occurring (watching a star morph quickly like a movie in fast forward) or would it be glitch? Can anyone help me with this and explain toi me? We would in a way be time traveling, but not at the moment, just effecting when deep space light would be arriving at our viewpoint. Also, am i on an interesting thought with thinking of this, or just crazy. lol
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    Are you just asking if heading towards a distant object at high speed would make it visually appear to you like a movie in fast forward? If so the answer is yes, thanks to the http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/YBA/M31-velocity/Doppler-shift-2.html [Broken]. If you're watching the ticks of a distant clock, then if the clock is moving towards you the light from each tick has a shorter distance to travel to reach you than the light from the last one, so the time between ticks seems to shrink.
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    But the key word in that is "appear".
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