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K'NEX Rollercoaster - Fushigi

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    Hello Physics Formums, because of constructive feedback I have decided to create a K'NEX Rollercoaster that uses a Fushigi Gravity Ball instead of the standard K'NEX cars. I thought of the design while I was doing chemistry homework, and after I finished my homework I got to work. Two days later I completed it! Here is the video.

    Thank you and please comment with any questions!
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    I like it, :smile: This time your structure is very rigid. Good for you.
    If it was very much bigger, it may not be rigid enough and the ball might fall off the track. How would you improve that?

    You also did well adapting existing roller coaster designs for lifting the car up the first hill. No need to reinvent the wheel if you don't have to.

    If you decide to study engineering, I think you'll do well.
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    Thank you anorlunda, I plan to make a larger more complicated rollercoaster. I think that a vertical lift would be very efficient.
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    How to prevent it from shaking when the ball goes around the curve?
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    The ball never goes around a curve very fast and I built the substructure very substantially.
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    Here is a time lapse of the above video
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