Know something about Meker Burner?

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Hi I am trying to simulate the heating of a copper disc with a laboratory burner (Meker Burner) but I need the value of heating power of the propane Meker burner. Anyone of you has worked with this kind of burner and could give me a value of heating power or maybe heat flux (diameter of burner 38mm). Thanks everybody.
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You could use the burner to heat water in a pot to estimate its heat output.
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Thanks for the answer but I need this value before I get the burner.

1. What is a Meker burner?

A Meker burner is a type of gas burner commonly used in laboratories. It consists of a metal tube with small holes along the top and a larger hole at the base to control the flow of gas. The holes create a flame with a distinct blue inner cone and a larger, less intense outer flame.

2. How does a Meker burner work?

A Meker burner works by mixing gas and air in controlled proportions, which are then ignited by a spark. The gas and air mixture creates a hot, blue flame that is ideal for heating and sterilizing in laboratory settings.

3. What are the advantages of using a Meker burner?

Meker burners have several advantages, including a high heat output, even distribution of heat, and a relatively stable flame. They also allow for precise control of the flame height and are easy to use and maintain.

4. What are some common uses for a Meker burner?

Meker burners are commonly used in laboratories for tasks such as sterilizing equipment, heating solutions, and conducting experiments that require consistent and controlled heat. They are also used in industries such as pharmaceuticals and food production.

5. How do I safely use a Meker burner?

To safely use a Meker burner, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure that the burner is placed on a stable surface. Use a fire-resistant mat or ceramic tile underneath the burner to protect the surface. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby and never leave the burner unattended while it is in use.

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