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Kondo resonance - need concept help.

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    I've come across the Kondo effect in my research and specifically measuring the Kondo resonance. Now I'm sure I don't need to be an expert but I having some trouble clearing the concepts, the actual physics in my head.

    I know the Kondo effect is an exchange of spin do to an interaction between a free conducting electron and a magnetic metal impurity, which leads to additional scatter and an increase of resistivity at low temp.

    However what I'm having trouble with is understanding how this produces a resonance. What is resonating? How does this effect lead to an sudden increase in local density of states?

    Appreciate any help with clarifying this matter:biggrin:
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    OK... let me ask you this. Do you have Mahan's "Many-Particle Physics" text? He has quite an extensive discussion of this effect. If you do, and you don't quite understand what he's saying, then we can at least start from that level.

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    Afraid not. I can try the university library
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    They have it but its on loan at the moment
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