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Lab report - How to write better lab reports in chemistry?

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    lab report -- How to write better lab reports in chemistry?

    I get very grateful if you help me get exampler on lab reporter on chemistry. I just want to read them, how can you write a better way because I'm not erfaran on engliska.
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    Have you tried to google for "example lab report"?
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    Try setting out a lab report like this:

    Date/Title with page numbers

    Begin with COSHH risk assessment (R phrases and S phrases to show you know what's going on)

    Table of molecular weights, quantities, densities, structure and molar equivalents

    Reaction Scheme

    Write up procedure (mention observations, also when writing it up ensure you use compound, (x grams e.g. dicloromethane, (20ml)))

    Yield calculation

    Evaluation of results and observations and any supporting questions.

    Append any interpreted spectra to the report.

    You may then want to include a conclusion telling them what you've actually done (e.g. successfully completed condensation of a hindered ketone with an amide in good yield. Melting point indicates purity etc)

    Hope this helps!
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    thanks so much for your suggestion
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