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Large Lot of Chemistry equipment left by my brother

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    I have a large lot of beakers, tubes, various types of lab glass that was left to my friend when his brother died. Nobody really understands what most of it is for, but I have agreed to help them dispose of it. Ebay seems an unlikely choice as this stuff would probably break in shipping; Can anyone help me out on how to help the family out and sell off this stuff? We don't need to get full retail but it would help if there was someone who could direct use to where you sell off this sort of thing. I am a musician, so other than looking it all up individually on Ebay I ahve no idea. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. BTW I am in Atlanta.
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    Perhaps you could consider donating it to a high school chemistry lab? Another option for donation to consider organizations like Seeding Labs which try to provide schools and universities in the developing world with laboratory equipment.
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    We are donating the massive amount of test tubes and petri dishes as well as a group of telescopes. The person who died passed of a bad cancer that was expensive to treat so much of the really expensive stuff must be sold to recoup.
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    You could also sell them to schools or youth centers hopefully. Since if you don't sell them, school staff would also buy them from shops, they would buy them if you can lower the price a little bit. And they usually buy them in large amounts, which is a good source of demand.
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