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Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

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    I'm a first year undergrad student studying Electronics. I am really interested in creating a working Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy(LIBS) setup in my summer break which is June and July. I'm reading about it these days, although still scratching the surface. I'm confused whether I'll be able to make it at home/some help from college lab maybe or not.

    I basically need 3 things,
    1. Intensive books that can guide me for making a LASER at home. Something that can tell me a lot about different kinds, operations, tweaking etc. Although I'm guessing a simple ndYAG Pulse laser will do it, but still I want to explore different possibilities because I'd like to custom tailor it according to my needs.
    2. Intensive books which explain about LIBS.
    3. A guide which I can use to recreate the whole LIBS setup.

    Someone who's familiar with LIBS and wants to share any experiences or would like to advice me on this particular project is most welcomed.
    Also anyone willing to spare some general advice is also most welcomed.

    PS: The reason for making this is basically gaining some practical knowledge. After this, I'll be knowing a lot more about LASER and Spectroscopy which is really great. Most of all, making it for real is just something mind blowing. It is obvious that reading about it won't give me that experience of making it myself and working it out. I'm just willing to absorb that experience.
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    LIBS requires expensive equipment. you can't do it at home. first try to understand basic principle of LIBS in J.P singh text book.
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