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Laser optical components/setup

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    Hi I just started a PhD where I am going to use lasers to measure fluid flow among other things.

    I am looking for some helpful information about otpical components and techniques mainly relating to lasers. How to correctly design a setup, how to split beams, how to expand/contract beam diameter and so on.

    I have googled but I think I'm lacking the correct term to actually search for so if anyone has links to tutorials or material suggestion I'd be grateful.
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    Oh, found that but forgot about it. Thanks :D
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    Andy Resnick

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    Are you referring to Particle Imaging Velocimetry? What exactly do you mean by 'measure fluid flow'?
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    Yes. Fluorescent particle tracking.
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    Get the melles-griot catalogue, it has a good intro to optics in the front (although you can probably find a cheaper source of components). The Edmund Scientific cartalogue is also usefull.

    McGraw-Hill have a whole series of practical optics engineering books (optical system design, optics rules of thumb, optical engineering).
    There is also a great book called "optical system design - making it work" by Hobbs, expensive and a few years old now but very good.
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    Excellent, thank you.
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